Tuesday, July 22, 2014


*****REPORT OF PARENTING TALKS HELD ON 12 AND 9 JULY 2014***** RPA organised this talk in partnership with Raffles Guidance Centre. The talk was held on two dates, for year 1 parents on 12th July and for year 2 to 6 on 19th July. The focus of this talk was how to build resilience in your child. The speakers were Mr. Jeffrey Lee and Mr. Mohammed Zullkarnain, from Raffles Guidance Centre. Along with them, Mr. Tan Nam Seng, Senior Deputy Principal for Planning & Resources and Mr. Andrew Kwek our Chairman, also share their experience on the topic. About 100 parents attended the Parenting Talk on 12th July and around 130 attended on 19th July. Mr. Lee and Mr. Zullkarnain were engaging and transparent in their approach. And were entertaining and lively. The parents found the talk useful and informative. A few hand outs were also given to the parents on the Tips for building resilience in children and teens and also on parenting habits. Such was the response to the talk that it went beyond its scheduled time. Many parents sign in for the facilitation after the talk. Our Chairman served his added responsibility as a facilitator with ease and expertise. Based on the feedback received, many were grateful for the reminders. The talk was great. The feedback was 100% positive. Some comments from the feedback forms were as follows: 1. Thank you! I learnt a lot! 2. Find out the language of love. 3. Transition into a mentor and friend to my child. 4. I will share my personal stories and will praise and reward my child appropriately. 5. Will allow my child to have more freedom to do things on his own. 6. More parenting talks, please! I learnt a lot during this workshop. 7. Can you please post the slides on Stamford portal? It is indeed encouraging to have parents thanking us for organising such talks. from Raffles Parents' Association http://on.fb.me/1peKrQ0