Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The RPA organised the talk on “How to Talk to Your Teen about Life, Love and Sex in partnership with Raffles Guidance Centre. The talk was held on 4th October 2014. The speaker, Mr. Gary Koh was very good, engaging and transparent in his approach towards the subject and had great interaction with the parents. The talk was beneficial in finding out the essential tools through which parents can broach the often difficult topic of love and sex with their teenage children. It also allowed parents to strengthen their parenting skills and share their experiences. About 150 parents attended the talk. The parents found the talk useful and informative. Based on the feedback received, many were grateful for the reminders. The feedback was 100% positive. Some comments from the feedback forms were as follows: 1. Thank you! I learnt a lot! 2. Find out the language of love. 3. Now! Tell me more! 4. Please start Adventure day out with Dads in RI. Majority of them were in favour of organising this event in RI. May be this event can be a part of next year RPA activities. 5. More parenting talks, please! I learnt a lot during this workshop. 6. Can you please post the slides on Stamford portal? 7. Understood the differences of men and women needs. 8. Importance of the fact that how you say rather than what you say. 9. Talk openly and at appropriate time to your teens about dating boundaries. 10. Write letter to my son/daughter. It is indeed encouraging to have parents thanking us for organising such talks. A few parent volunteer came and help us sell the RPA T-shirts. We really appreciate their support. Thanks all Surekha Gupta

via Raffles Parents' Association http://on.fb.me/1rROthK