Friday, October 10, 2014

MEGA MUGGING MADNESS "Dear Parents, The students are buckling down to study and prepare for their promotional exams. The Year 6s are looking forward to the Preliminary Exams and the A Levels. Each year, the Raffles Parents' Association (RPA), plays a small part to support our Year 6s in the run up to the A Levels. We do this by providing simple, delicious and nutritious food for their Dinner / Supper in the event we have named Mega Mugging Madness. Together with the Students' Council and the School, the parents of RPA will hold this event during the evenings from 15th - 17th, 20th - 21st, and 23rd - 24th October 2014. This year, the organizers have dedicated focus in acknowledging: 1. Parents for their support for the students 2.Teachers and Staff of Raffles Institution for their devotion, care and commitment throughout their academic years in RI 3. Security Officers, Estate Managers in providing the students a safe and comfortable environment at school 4. The Duty Teachers who are at the Library every night, providing supervision and consultation. The RPA has agreed with the School that there shall be no solicitations for sponsorships or donations in cash and kind from the parents. Should you like to express your support for the students at this event, we suggest the following: a. Volunteer to serve food at any or all of the evenings b. Prepare cards of well wishes and encouragement to the students. Please register your interests by contacting Ms Rebecca Lim at Looking forward to meeting you soon Thank you. Mr. Andrew KWEK Chairman 26th Management Committee Raffles Parents' Association"

via Raffles Parents' Association