Thursday, August 21, 2014

****** REPORT ON TALK ON HUMANITIES - 14 August 2014 ******* "Dear RPA Members, Raffles Parent Association, in partnership with the Raffles Institution, Humanities Department, organized a talk about the Humanities on 14/08/2014 The talk was organized to provide parents a better understanding of the humanities subjects and the MOE Humanities Program. The speakers were Mr. Desmond Lim (HOD/Humanities), Mrs. Ong Wai Ling (Asst Head for Geography), Mr Eric Koh (Asst Head for History), and Mrs. Neoh Terh Ling (Asst Head for Social Studies). The focus of this talk was about what and how the RI teachers taught, the assessment criteria, how parents can support their children, and the career options. An introduction to the academic & enrichment programmes offered by the Department was also given. Two old boys, who are currently studying in overseas universities were also invited to share with the parents about pursuing the humanities and their education and career choices. Based on the feedback received, many were grateful for the reminders. The talk was great. The feedback was 100% positive. Some comments from the feedback forms were as follows: 1. Humanities in RI helps students develop awareness and think critically about the world issues. 2. Got better understanding of Humanities. 3. Thank you for organizing this talk. 4. Old RI boys’ – sharing was very good & extremely informative. 5. Got clearer understanding of the teaching & assessment of various humanities subject. 6. Understand the approach and expectations towards the subject. 7. I am convinced now of the importance of Humanities subjects. It is indeed encouraging to have parents thanking us for organising such talks. Thanks all Surekha Gupta OIC, Y1-4 talks RPA" from Raffles Parents' Association